Resistance Pro Wrestling “Practice What You Preach” This Friday!


This Friday, come check out wrestling’s newest sensation Resistance Pro! “Practice What You Preach” will take place at Arabian Knights Horse Barn in Willowbrook, IL, with bell time at 7:30pm. Resistance Pro Wrestling is a new promotion owned by Jacques and Gabriel Baron. The creative director is Billy Corgan, a huge musical influence on my life. Resistance Pro Wrestling is also taping an “unscripted drama” for AMC at these events for a show to air sometime in 2015. I’ve been going for nearly two years now as my friend Jesse Andersen is a major character in the proceedings. However there is a ton of talent at RPro with cool characters both ladies and guys and lots of bone-crushing action! Bring the whole family. My awesome sponsor Uncle Bubs Award Winning BBQ has also chosen Resistance Pro Wrestling’s Positive Outreach Program (POP) as their charity of the month for the month of September. The whole thing is an awesome creative force destined to be world-famous! For tickets click HERE or you can also get them early at the door 6526 Clarendon Hills Road, Willowbrook, IL. Hope to see you at the show!


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