New Jay Porks Experience! Episode #51: I’m A Simpleton, You Know This

I have been executive producing the Jay Porks Experience podcast for over a year now, and I think it’s one of the greatest music oriented podcasts out there! Jay is funny, smart and knows his music, so it was a perfect fit. Here is his latest transmission.

Listen to the show HERE, on the above Youtube video, or at ITUNES! Thank you for any support you can show us and follow Derer Network on TWITTER.


This week, Jay is back on Derer Network with a brand new episode! Jay goes through all the music news that matters, Jay’s night at Terminal 5 seeing Kasabian and much much more. Thanks for listening! Coming to you straight out of Staten Island, New York City, The Jay Porks Experience is taped in front of a dead audience. It is great to have him on the Derer Network!

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