New Tyler Kahl Show Episode!

Here is Episode #20 of The Tyler Kahl Show! It’s called “Storms.” Check it out! He is a cool part of my podcast network Derer Network!


Here it is, the brand new podcast series from Tyler Kahl! Creator of DoppSpot.com and writer for The Girlfriend Rules, Tyler brings you a weekly podcast full of humor, smarts and self-loathing (or self-boasting?) Tyler has co-hosted Smooth Operators with Tyler and Andy for over a year, so it felt perfect to bring his own show to the Derer Network. Expect relationship talk, sports, comedy and music talk with tons of pathos. Thanks for checking out The Tyler Kahl Show!

Follow Tyler on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tylerkahl

Follow Derer Network on Twitter: http://twitter.com/derernetwork

DoppSpot: http://doppspot.com

The Girlfriend Rules: http://the-girlfriend-rules.tumblr.com

Subscribe to The Andy Derer Show Network and get The Jay Porks Experience, The Andy Derer Show and Smooth Operators with Tyler And Andy FREE! Leave a review! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-andy-derer-show/id420800132


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