This Week’s #TapeTuesday! Foo Fighters “Foo Fighters”

Here's your #TapeTuesday. After the very public dissolution of Nirvana, Dave Grohl began to take his homemade demos more seriously. Back in 1992 he had made a demo tape with producer Barrett Jones (Pocketwatch) but a combination of shyness and being busy with Nirvana kept them on the backburner. After Kurt's suicide Dave made his first on stage appearance at the 1994 MTV Movie Awards as part of the "Backbeat" band. That night he was asked by Mike Watt to drum on his album Ball-Hog Or Tugboat which inspired Dave to go revisit those demos. That October he went to Robert Lang Studio with Barrett Jones and recorded this album completely by himself except for one guitar part played by Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs who was watching the recording. Each song took around 45 minutes to record with Dave covered in sweat from recording drums, minutes after doing the guitars, minutes after cutting first take vocals. This is a work ethic we all know that Dave Grohl still possesses in 2015. After the recording Grohl came up with the science-fiction based band name as a way to combat listener bias due to his fame. Capitol was interested and in early 1995 he threw together an actual band with members of Nirvana's touring band and the rhythm section of Seattle emo rockers Sunny Day Real Estate. Eddie Vedder premiered two tracks on his radio show Self Pollution January 8th 1995. The rest of the spring was intense touring, sometimes 25 shows a month up to the release of #FooFighters on the 4th Of July, 1995. An eye-catching, Mentos-spoofing, pre-viral music video for "Big Me" took this one past Platinum in early 1996 as one of six singles from the record. Foo Fighters still stands as an inspiration Phoenix rising from the ashes of grunge. Also as a monument to the motor inside of Dave Grohl. Twenty years later, the industry has pretty much died, but somehow that didn't effect Grohl who is probably the most successful current rocker of this tape collection, working on films like his Sonic Highways mini series and his Sound City documentary. Dave is the current ambassador of rock and roll to the world and it's a product of hard work, positive vibes and musical chops.

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Every Tuesday night I have been posting a picture of a cassette tape from my collection. When I first fell in love with rock music, it was February 1995, I was 11 years old, and I was forced to buy cassette tapes instead of the then fashionable compact disc. To commemorate 20 years in love with rock music I decided to start #TapeTuesday. Here is the latest. Follow me on Instagram @andyderer.


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