Episode #142 of The Andy Derer Show! “Love Rock” with special guest Kevin Wood

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This week Andy had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Wood, founding member and guitarist for the super-influential band Malfunkshun. Formed on Easter Sunday 1980, in Bainbridge Island, WA, Kevin and his charismatic, aspiring rock-god brother Andrew spent years playing small clubs as if they were playing arenas. Andrew would go on to start Mother Love Bone with some other talented players, but days before their debut album was to be released Andrew succumbed to his well-known battles with addiction. The guys in Mother Love Bone would go on to form Pearl Jam and the rest is history. However, Malfunkshun’s music will always capture a carefree innocence that Andrew would never know again. Thanks for checking out The Andy Derer Show!

Fore more on Malfunkshun


Photo credit: Charles Peterson

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