Encore Presentation of The Andy Derer Show! Episode #66: Pod Dog Pondering with special guest Dag Juhlin

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Here is an encore presentation of episode #66 of The Andy Derer Show from October 2012 with special guest Dag Juhlin.

Original show notes:
This week Andy was joined by Dag Juhlin, co-host of The Steve Dahl Show podcast. He brings a lot of rock & roll experience to their show, singing and playing guitar in Poi Dog Pondering, The Slugs and Expo ’76. He’s a totally funny guy with a great story. With his musical expertise, quick wit, and positive demeanor, he’s also a perfect fit on our show! Support our show by supporting our awesome sponsors Uncle Bubs Award Winning BBQ, 2nd Hand Mall, The Mangrate and Amazon. Listen FREE on ITunes or at this link…

For more on Dag: http://twitter.com/dagjuhlin http://twitter.com/dagdahlcast


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