Episode #62 of The Andy Derer Show! “The Golden Rule” with special guest Art Alexakis


Art Alexakis



This is an encore presentation of The Andy Derer Show from September 2012. Art will be playing a solo/acoustic show May 10th at City Winery Chicago, check it out! Here are the original show notes:

This week Andy had a blast chatting with Art Alexakis, founder of the groundbreaking alternative rock band Everclear. One of the most prolific and successful American songwriters of the past twenty years, Art goes in depth with us about politics, heartbreak, Los Angeles and the power of rock and roll. Thank you so much for listening to The Andy Derer Show!

For more on Everclear: http://everclearonline.com

Follow Art on Twitter: http://twitter.com/artalexakis

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