Jesse Unplugged – Episode #9: July 2016 “Summertime Blues”




Here is the ninth installment of Jesse Andersen’s new podcast series Jesse Unplugged. Jesse Unplugged is a monthly look inside the life of Jesse Andersen who will be joined by interesting guests from the world of music, wrestling, acting and his personal life while discussing everything pertinent to his world. For this episode Jesse is once again joined his wingman/producer Andy and the guys chat about their summers, with Jesse having a good friend visit Chicago last week and Andy checking out Billy’s acoustic show at Madame Zuzu’s Tea House. They also discuss the terrible events in Orlando and a little politics as well. We thank everyone who has checked out Jesse Unplugged! Interested in being a guest or sponsor? Send Jesse a message on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening to Jesse Unplugged!

Theme song: The Inventors “Your Crown”

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Photos by Andy Derer

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