Spin Class Podcast – Episode #2: Ready To Die




In honor of the 20th anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death we are bringing you an encore presentation of this Spin Class Podcast episode from May 2015. We are looking for a new co-host for Spin Class, so if you are well-versed in hip hop’s glory days and have a good on-air presence, drop us a line!

Show notes:

Don’t call it a comeback! The boys are back with their second episode, this time dissecting the 1994 debut album from The Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die. How did this overweight rapper become an unlikely sex symbol? Who was to blame for the inter-coastal rap wars of the mid 90s? Did Puff Daddy use Biggie’s tragic passing as a way to put the spotlight on himself? All these questions and more are answered on this episode of Spin Class!

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Tyler Kahl: http://instagram.com/tylerkahl

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