Here’s your #TapeTuesday! Manic Street Preachers – Generation Terrorists (1992)

Here's your #TapeTuesday. The debut album from Welsh quartet Manic Street Preachers, Generation Terrorists stormed the British charts in 1992 thanks to a mixture of outspoken tabloid quotes, polemic politics and the bands own blend of arena rock. England's answer to Guns N' Roses, the Manics captured that band's trademark hedonism while removing it's mysogyny. Guitarist and super-intelligent lyricist Richey Edwards kept the band on the front pages with his opinions and dangerous lifestyle. Prior to the albums release Edwards was being interviewed by NME and was questioned about his authenticity. Right then and there he pulled out a razor blade and carved "4 Real" into his forearm requiring immediate medical attention and 18 stitches. The long awaited double album surpassed all expectations cribbing from glam, punk, Motown, romanticism and goth while at the same time carrying singer James Dean Bradfield's signature knack for melody. Richey Edwards' lyrics made an instant impression with their mix of honesty, desperation and working-class politics. All in all a classic debut from one of the great British bands of the past 30 years. Purchased at 2nd Hand Mall in Westmont, IL June 2009. This a promo cassette complete with a press release instead of liner notes, given out to radio outlets in 1992. #ManicStreetPreachers #GenerationTerrorists #JamesDeanBradfield #RicheyEdwards #NickyWire #SeanMoore #SteveBrown #Sony

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