Here’s your #TapeTuesday! Better Than Ezra – Deluxe (1995)

Here is your #TapeTuesday. Originally released November 1993 by the local label Swell Records, Deluxe was the first Better Than Ezra to be released on compact discs as they had only previously circulated demo tapes. After the 1990 suicide of founding member Joel Rundell, leader Kevin Griffin decided to continue as a trio. Playing house parties around their alma mater Louisiana State University, the group gained a reputation as "nice guys who could rock" meaning BTE were certainly not part of the punk or grunge movement. The rather positive singer songwriter Kevin Griffin would only get miffed when asked about the origin of his bands name, to this day never giving an answer. A popular theory is it is taken from a quote in an Ernest Hemingway memoir A Moveable Feast. Anywho, when the band sent out Deluxe to radio in 1994, Elektra Records heard the single "Good" and the rest is history. The ultra-catchy anthem was a huge hit and Elektra rereleased the album in 1995. The rest of the album never quite hits the height of "Good" but "Rosealia" is a moving account of an abused woman who reportedly was Griffins boss at a restaurant he worked at as a teenager. All in all, Better Than Ezra did their thing, had fun and the guys are still together over twenty years later. Now that is Good. Purchased at Coconuts Music and Video, Westmont, IL May 1995. #BetterThanEzra #Deluxe #KevinGriffin #TomDrummond #CaryBonnecaze #Elektra #Good

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