Here’s your #TapeTuesday! Prince – Batman Motion Picture Soundtrack (1989)

Here's your #TapeTuesday. Appearing June 20, 1989, the 11th studio album by American recording artist Prince was also the soundtrack to that Summer's hugest blockbuster Batman. The recording was quickly recorded in the spring of '89. The original idea was to have Prince supply half an album's worth of funk tracks and to have Michael Jackson give half and album's worth of love ballads but the idea proved impossible. So Prince recorded the album by himself, along with a Sheena Easton duet, a handful of samples and original unedited dialogue from the film. The liner notes would show the lyrics associated with different characters from the film. Prince would say that he felt he knew how to make a movie with Purple Rain and Under A Cherry Moon, but he quickly realized he was in another league by working with Tim Burton. The album remains an under-appreciated little Prince album, and one of the few Prince albums that Prince didn't half complete control over. Warner Brothers owns the publishing rights to the songs. All in all both the movie and the soundtrack have aged remarkably well in the past 27 years. Purchased at Record Utopia, July 2016 for $1.00. #Prince #Batman #WarnerBrothers #SheenaEaston #MichaelKeaton #JackNicholson #KimBasinger #RobertWuhl

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