Here’s your #TapeTuesday! Radiohead – High & Dry (1995)

Here's your #TapeTuesday. The cassette single for Radiohead's "High & Dry." In 1995, Radiohead didn't fit in with the whole summer of Britpop, going for sincere when the other bands were going for irony or kitsch. Downplaying their British-ness when other bands were playing it up. The Bends is the last Radiohead longplayer you could call a rock and roll album, with the band following it up with a space-rock concept album (1997's Ok Computer) followed by the glitchy ambient weirdness of 2000's Kid A. This song is the closest the band would come to "pop rock" with its catchy acoustic guitar swirls and building anthemic chorus. Thom Yorke has since disowned the song saying its "very bad" and that it's "a Rod Stewart song." But the eye-catching 1996 Paul Cunningham directed music video really grew an American buzz for the band that would create a crossover opportunity the following year when the band released the universally-heralded Ok Computer album. Hearing it in 2016, I am reminded that Radiohead could write beautiful music since their inception, however, once they mastered that style they were instantly on to the next thing. Purchased at Musicland, Oakbrook, IL, March 1996. #Radiohead #HighAndDry #TheBends #ThomYorke #JonnyGreenwood #ColinGreenwood #PhilSelway #EdObrien #NigelGodrich #CapitolRecords

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