Here’s Your #TapeTuesday! Collective Soul – Collective Soul (1995)

Here’s your #TapeTuesday! This time it’s Collective Soul with their first eponymous album (they would release a second in 2009). Released March 14th, 1995, the band Collective Soul (not to be confused by other “soul" bands of the era like Soul Asylum, Soul Coughing, Soulfly, Bouncing Souls, Soulwax and De La Soul) intended to use the popularity of their massive hit single “Shine” to return to remixing and cleaning up their demo tape album Hints, Lies & Allegations. Atlantic Records weren’t excited about the momentum that would be lost (not to mention the money spent) so they decided to leave the first album alone and go directly back into the studio to record the follow up. While the recording was rushed, frontman Ed Roland enjoyed the communal vibe of songwriting with guitarist Ross Childress and his brother Dean shaping some real clean, pop alternative rock. When the album was released, it captured the kind of semi-safe post-grunge that was all over radio and MTV following the death of Kurt Cobain. Producer Matt Serletic (who was in a teenage band with Ed Roland) livened up the sound with string flourishes, drum loops and distortion predating the massive crossover success he would create with Matchbox 20 a scant two years later. Collective Soul went on to have five hit singles including “December” and “The World I Know” as well as sell three million copies in the United States. This would remain Collective Soul’s creative and commercial peak as the band would go on to suffer personnel changes, teen movie soundtracks and a waning popular interest in radio-friendly alternative-rock. Listening today, this 23 year old recording sounds fresh and a perfect example of a handful of great albums released during post-grunge’s heyday of 1994-1998. #CollectiveSoul #EdRoland #RossChildress #DeanRoland #WillTurpin #ShaneEvans #AtlanticRecords #MattSerletic #BjornThursrud #BobClearmountain

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