Andrew Martin Derer is a podcaster / musician / music historian and restaurateur from the Chicago suburb of Westmont. Early on, he found music as a refuge and a never-ending font of inspiration. He started his first garage band in 1995 and soon began recording and playing shows around Chicagoland. As a below-average student through high school music became his one true passion and started his own record label New Money after graduating high school in 2002. While working at a mom-and-pop record store and failing out of junior college, his grind in the entertainment industry rose to the level of major venues and recording studios whether it be hip hop music or alternative rock. He relocated from Chicago back to the suburbs after becoming slightly burnt out on the record industry. However while working a day job at a BBQ restaurant, he renewed his vows to music and podcasting by making music with multiple bands and by creating his own music-obsessed podcast The Andy Derer Show. Since forming the Andy Derer Show in 2011 he has also been a contributor to many local and national shows such as The Kevin Matthews Show, For Crying Out Loud, The Watch List, The Matthew Aaron Show, Bob & Ron’s Record Club, Dig Me Out Podcast and dozens others. He also stays busy writing about the music scene, whether for his own website or Chicagoist and Empty Lighthouse. While still a young man, the sky is the limit for this self-proclaimed Midwest Media Mogul.

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Aceman2015 ChiconsCrew

DagGolf AndyJesse OutsideADSpic AD2015darker AndyLonghair MarflowDePaulFest AndyScott AndyWhitney AndySarah AndyJimP  AndyDino AndyBilly AndyWestmontProgress AndyMarko  AndyEllen2000 AndyGuitar AndyVWAV AndyCarolla AndyMimi AndyMarkMancow AndyDadCDStore AndyRaviniaGroup AndyJesseRav


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