Press Release 2015

The Andy Derer Show is a popular Chicago music-industry discussion podcast. It was created by Andy Derer in January 2011 and has been downloaded over 250,000 times in 18 different countries around the world. Interviews with notable guests are the shows forte, combined with a witty, funny and loose atmosphere. Musicians and bands who have been guests on the show include Nirvana, The Meat Puppets, Pavement, Everclear, The Flaming Lips, Tweedy, Material Issue, Guided By Voices, Shudder To Think, Cobra Verde, Bob Mould Band, Poi Dog Pondering and many more. Other interesting guests include Rolling Stone editor/Grammys writer David Wild, Lynette Carolla, creator of All Music Guide Stephen Thomas Erlewine and comedian/photographer Mike Carano.

Andy got his initial push to start broadcasting being a life long listener of the Chicago radio landscape of the 80s and 90s, with DJs like Kevin Matthews (a personal friend and frequent collaborator), Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Roe Conn and Jonathan Brandmeier as well as national radio personalities like Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew. He had a successful high school radio show from 2000-2002 and then went to Columbia College Chicago. When the radio industry was in decline he decided to follow the lead of Carolla by starting a podcast. He has since gone on to create over 130 episodes of The Andy Derer Show and guest on other shows dozens of times. In June 2014 he was a guest on Mancow’s TV/Radio program which also featured Reverend Jesse Jackson as a guest.  He is also a frequent guest on The Kevin Matthews Show where he is a music critic.

He also contributes rock related interviews and record reviews for Empty Lighthouse a Connecticut-based pop culture website. In 2013 he also expanded the brand by creating “Derer Network” featuring a weekly podcast from Staten Island, New York (The Jay Porks Experience) and Los Angeles, California (The Tyler Kahl Show). The show has been featured in  multiple Chicago magazines like Suburban Life and Illinois Entertainer. In February 2015 The Andy Derer Show was mentioned in a Huffington Post interview with first Nirvana drummer and Andy Derer Show guest Aaron Burckhard. The podcast can be enjoyed on several platforms like Youtube, Stitcher, iTunes, Podbean, and Soundcloud. His current sponsors included Uncle Bubs Award Winning BBQ, The Mangrate, Record Utopia and Amazon. After four years of captivating podcasts, The Andy Derer Show shows no signs of slowing down.



The Andy Derer Show was created in January 2011 by Andy Derer after leaving the popular Chicago show The Fleacast. Since January 2011, The Andy Derer Show has quickly became one of the most downloaded podcasts in the midwest after featuring popular episodes with celebrities such as Lynette Carolla (Adam Carolla’s wife and co-host of For Crying Out Loud), Aaron Burckhard (the first Nirvana drummer), Kevin Matthews (radio legend), Bryan Bishop (sound effect man for The Adam Carolla Show), Jonah Ray (co-host of The Nerdist Podcast), David Wild (music writer/editor of Rolling Stone), Craig Wedren (creator of the band Shudder To Think and film scorer for films such as Wet Hot American Summer and Wanderlust), Art Alexakis (singer/creator of Everclear) Katie Levine (producer for Nerdist Industries) and many many more. The show is currently sponsored by Uncle Bubs Award Winning BBQ, Amazon, The Mangrate and 2nd Hand Mall. The show is available as a free, weekly download on iTunes.

The show is recorded at Honeycomb Hideout Studio in the western suburb of Chicago, Westmont, IL.

Host and creator Andy Derer has also been a special guest on shows such as The Get It On Podcast with host Giovanni Giorgio, The Jake Fogelnest Show, The Kevin Matthews Show, The Chris Taylor Show, Podgodz, The U.P. Music Scene Podcast, For Crying Out Loud, The Matthew Aaron Show, The Nothing But Show and There Will Be Spoilers.

In April 2012 Andy began doing a music minute for The Kevin Matthews Show pod cast called Talkin Tunes With Andy. The Kevin Matthews Show is exclusively available on The Steve Dahl Network and listeners must subscribe at

The Andy Derer Show was featured in the free monthly Chicagoland music magazine Illinois Entertainer in July 2012.

His old show The Fleacast lasted form 2010-2011 and had their highest rated episode in February 2011 with special guest recording legend Steve Albini (The Pixies, Nirvana, The Breeders, The Stooges, Page & Plant) at his studio Electrical Audio.

In September 2012, The Andy Derer Show released it’s brand new theme song, performed and recorded by Rich Banks (The Adam Carolla Show, The Dave Dameshek Football Program, commercials, etc). It is a spoof of “Chicago” by Graham Nash and ridicules Andy’s Chicago accent and his fair skin.

In November 2012, the show released its debut full-length album called Transmissions form The Honeycomb Hideout features music, bits, call-ins, etc form the past year of the show.

In February of 2013, The Andy Derer Show enjoyed it’s highest rated episode in the history of the show, Episode # 80 with Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips. Later in the month The Andy Derer Show was featured on the cover of the Westmont Progress, a subsidiary of Suburban Life Newspapers. It also included an in-depth interview with Andy complete with quotes form Kevin Matthews.


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